Established in 2018

Shelters have killed dogs we loved. The need is huge, and we had to act.

We are long-time advocates for No Kill animal sheltering, and we’ve been rescuing dogs and cats, fostering, and volunteering for many years. We started the nonprofit Indie Institute (EIN 83-1845872) and its rescue effort, Final Frontier Rescue Project, because we saw the need for a rescue that would act on the values that every life matters and every dog deserves a chance. 

Animal sheltering is still caught in the old animal control mindset, and that means many, many dogs are killed every day, and many rescues triage by only saving the easiest, most immediately adoptable dogs. We believe that their worth and their desire to live is not somehow less because they are scared, or old, or traumatized, or sick or injured, and so, we often save dogs when other rescues have said no.

We do our best to give each and every dog the help they need to find a safe, loving, happy home. We do not use or allow handling or training tools/methods that cause fear or pain. We have seen that when given the time, space, care, and kindness they need, dogs can astonish us with their capacity to heal.

Every dog deserves a chance.

We are a volunteer-run organization, and every donation goes to the care of the dogs. Our main expenses are veterinary care, boarding, and training. Your donation allows us to provide care and treatment to meet each individual dog’s needs.